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Lukka Kairi 1st Look

There's always buzz around a new restaurant that opens on the island. And for several months now Lukka Kairi has been much talked about. Several members of the A Mouth Full team visited the restaurant just behind Pompey Square and went taste crazy. The first thing we noticed was the atmosphere, design and ambiance. The plan to take customers back to The Bahamas' ancestral roots was perfectly executed. From the massive wall painting depicting a travel through Bahamian history from Lucayan Indians, to the days of piracy to Junkanoo; huge fish tanks filled with live seas creatures, wooden walls and fixtures everywhere and even the plate settings and utensils loaned to the theme.

While all that was good, you know we were there for the food and we sampled just about everything. The menus, again fitting the old school island theme, let us know what our options were. We settled for conch fritters, a lobster roll, chicken patties, conch chowder,shrimp and grits, beef tenderloin, tamarind ribs and for dessert guava duff, coconut cheesecake and chocolate cake.
The food came out rather quickly and there was little wait time in between dishes. We were quite surprised and impressed with the timing.

As for taste: 

  • Conch fritters - delicious, warm, flavorful and filed with conch. Not the traditional conch fritter, more of a conch ball.
  • Lobster roll - pretty good. Creamy lobster salad on a hot dog bun topped with leafy greens and veggies. Also flavorful and delicious.
  • Chicken patties - the crunchy outside was a good preface to the warm chicken inside. Not one of our fave dishes on the table. It lacked flavor, didn't live up to the menu description.
  • Conch chowder - Not the best! Not your traditional conch chowder, whether creamy or tomato based, it had no discernible flavor and more herbs than conch. It actually tasted like a blend of the creamy and tomato based, not a good combination.
  • Shrimp and Grits - a good dish. the grits was amazing, more like polenta and flavorful. Although shrimp highlights many dishes, the seafood was out shined by the grits.
  • Beef tenderloin - flavorful, but overcooked. The meat was too dry and tough and made for weird chewing.
  • Tamarind ribs - very succulent and you could taste the tamarind in the sauce. Meat was tender and delicious.
The desserts were all horrible and clearly store bought, even the native guava duff, more guava than duff. It was more of a bread with sweet sauce. The coconut cheesecake was ok, chocolate a major disappointment. Not freshly made and clearly came out of a box. We also had Johnny bread that as more of a pudding and not what we are used to.

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