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Lamb Ribs @ Olives Meza

So first off let it be know that we normally are ok with the food at Olive's Meza Grill on Cable Beach. Which is why we were sort of disappointed with a menu item that I guess we may have over looked since we started going there. On a cool Friday night we sat at the bar, ordered a few drinks and in a moment of indecision on food the bartender offered us the lamb ribs as a starter. We obliged as we had never really heard of it on the menu before. The lamb ribs came out and look quite awesome, but the taste was just not there. The ribs seemed to be overly fatty and maybe a lil undercooked; Now this may be based on the fact that we have never had lamb ribs before (but we eat a lot of lamb) so don't take our review for gospel. We will be giving this a try on another occasion, since it might have just been an off night.


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