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Mack Daddy’s Breakfast

On an early morning food adventure in search of Tuna & Grits I stumbled on Mack Daddy’s off of Tonique Williams-Darling Highway or better known as Harold Rd next door to the Bahamas Union of Teachers (BUT). The little food shack was packed with patrons patiently waiting for their Styrofoam plates of goodness. I placed my order to the friendly server who obliged me to snap photos of the plates she served! I ordered tuna and grits and was told I have to try the pancakes…and so I did. The wait was a little long, but it was WELL WORTH IT!  

WP_20150219_025 WP_20150219_018

Lets talk about taste:

Tuna & Grits: The more herbs the better for me! Mack Daddy’s tuna is delicious filled with sweet pepper, tomato, and onion. It’s seasoned well and is paired nicely with butter grits. I prefer yellow grits, but good food goes fast so I settled for white. I was definitely not disappointed. Pancakes: These aren’t ordinary pancakes! In fact they actually look more like dumplings. They were absolutely delightful. Warm and fluffy packed with banana and raisin flavor with a crispy coating. A must try! One downside the pancakes are only offered on Thursdays….lucky for me I didn’t miss out 🙂 WP_20150219_004 WP_20150219_008

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