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“Maharaja” Indian Food

Even if you spent a lot of time cruising down the Cable Beach strip, you can very easily miss Maharaja. It’s the new Indian Restaurant that was once Dicky Mo’s, Thai Lotus and now TADA! Maharaja. I love Indian food… so on Friday (my takeout night) I decided to try it. No major renovation done… it’s the same Dicky Mo’s feel. I have always found it weird that even during Thai Lotus time the restaurant is never packed. The emptiness of the restaurant then was not a reflection of the taste of Thai Lotus’ dishes so I’m hoping it’s the same with Maharaja. The menu had a lot of great options some things I recognized like Vegetable Somosa to dishes that I had trouble pronouncing….Mulligugatawny Soup? With all these options it was a challenge to choose. I ended up choosing a favorite of mine the Lobster Biryani & a new dish for me the Roghan Josh (lamb). If you aren’t acquainted with Indian food let me give you a quick overview of what I ordered: Biryani: Is a mixed basmati rice dish that is seasoned with saffron, cardamom, bay leaves, coriander, garlic, onions and many other aromatic spices. You can add any meat you like to the Biryani…I chose lobster. Biryani is usually served with Raita- a cool yogurt sauce that compliments the spices in the Biryani perfectly. Rhogan Josh- Consist of braised Lamb chunks cooked with onions or shallots, yogurt, garlic, cloves, & cardamom. Its red color comes from dried chilies and cayenne pepper. WP_20150206_012  WP_20150206_008

Let’s talk about the taste:

Biryani: While I could smell the spices I still found it a little bland. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t bad at all maybe I just like high seasoned food lol Rhogan Josh: Lamb has a distinctive taste- tender, gamey, and a bit greasy. This dish was just that tender and a bit gamey. The taste of chilies and cloves were pronounced. Overall if you like lamb then you would probably like this.

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