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Lunch and Gas on Pump 3 :)

I walked into Shell on Harold Road (Milo Butler Highway) and to my surprise there is a full restaurant in here! WHATTTT!?! Steam Conch, Pork Chops, Curried Mutton, Peas Soup and list goes on and on! I came for gas, but left with lunch. Joanne and the crew really fixed me up! I tried the Steam Conch and Curry Mutton…YUMMMMY! WP_20150219_034 WP_20150219_041

The Taste:

Steam Conch: The conch was tender and seasoned nicely. Joanne was sure to add hearty veggies like potatoes and carrots. Curried Mutton: Curry the actual spice is a combo of savory and aromatic spices like cumin, turmeric, & bay leaves. The level of heat is of course based on the amount of pepper you add. As for Joanne’s Curried Mutton- it’s pretty good the meat was tender and spicy. I wasn’t disappointed WP_20150219_040 WP_20150220_003

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