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Miss Rolle’s Wings [East. St.]

My lunch adventure took me on a drive down East Street… where a friend of mine insisted I try Ms Rolle’s wings. The little green building had no name and didn’t look like much, but I’ve found that those kinds of spots tend to have the best food. So I was down….. Chicken in the bag is Ms. Rolle’s specialty so that’s exactly what I ordered. Lomogram_2015-02-24_05-31-28-PM Standing at the little cubby hole with all the other hungry bellies I eaves dropped on some orders. I was surprise to learn that Ms. Rolle offers different priced snacks and is willing to work with persons with the most minimal budget. I smiled to think that “good” food didn’t always have to come at a “major” price.

So what about the taste?

Fried Wings Snack- Ms. Rolle knows her way around the kitchen for sure. The wings were lightly breaded, golden brown, and seasoned nicely. The fries were ordinarily simple and the Ketchup and Hot Sauce ratio was perfect. She gave me about 6 wings and a lot of fries for $6.00. So I guess $1.00 a wing

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