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Francheska’s Fine Bahamian Jams and Jellies

Rum Fest Bahamas 2015 was an absolute blast! So many unexpected gourmet treats and of course Rum Rum & more Rum! One booth that really caught my eye during my tour of the lively venue was Francheska’s Fine Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 12.13.53 PMBahamian Jams & Jellies. Her booth was stunning and the treats she served were out of this world! The jams were delectably delightful filled with sweet and tangy flavors that tantalized your taste buds. Francheska took me on a tour around Nassau in just a tiny little jar…seagrapes from one end of the island and Mangoes from the other.  We definitely went on an “adventure in taste”…pun intended!! I was so impressed I bought a few jars and recently ordered two more lol. I don’t only use them for the standard “PB&J” Francheska paired my purchases with a few salad dressing recipes. I’ve been using my jams & jellies to whip up tangy vinaigrettes that have transformed a boring salad to an exciting meal. Who knew you can travel The Bahamas and enjoy our native fruit in just one little jar of jelly..or jam lol!

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