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Oh, Cat Island! A Foodie’s Paradise

A Mouth Full did some island hopping recently and we are so excited and proud to deliver another island inspired episode to you! The last time we featured one of our Family Islands was in season two where we made Governor's Harbour our home for the day and their restaurants our personal kitchens! This time we touched down on Cat Island and feasted on some of the the most delicious dishes. Bahamians don't lie when they say, "Island life sweet aye!" and we witnessed that firsthand. From the delicious stuffed crabs at Mary's Crab Shack bringing tears to our eyes, to diving into a huge bowl of lobster salad at Duke's, being treated to plump crawfish pieces at Hidden Treasures and taking an early morning swim in a bowl of Grammy Farah's boiled fish! YUMMY! Our trip to Cat Island was divine! Check out these photos and the episode below! Oh, Cat Island!

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