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The Mortimer’s Candy Tradition Lives On

We have a sweet tooth!!!!! For so many years the Mortimer's Candy Kitchen has been satisfying taste buds across the country  with their homemade, Bahamian candies, treats and sweets and because their story is so much a part of Bahamian culture, it's been told a thousand times over. But A Mouth Full wanted to experience all that candy land magic for ourselves, so we headed into the Mortimer's Candy kitchen for a behind the scenes peek! 20160305_112653 20160305_112826 20160305_114758 20160305_115024 20160305_120718 20160305_115729 20160305_115343 To see the candy-making process in person was so cool and fun! It's indeed a labour of love, toiling over an extremely hot pot of sugar and kneading the candy by hand. And maybe this hands on approach to the product was how Mortimer's has been able capture and keep Bahamians' attention for all of these years. You can tell that everything is authentically made, produced and that love goes into every one of their products. 20160305_123640 20160305_123039 20160305_121806 20160305_121659 20160305_121654

We love our food, but when it comes to sweets and treats! Mortimer's Candies is our #1 choice! Click play to watch the episode!

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