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Good Morning, Foodies! What’s for Breakfast?!

Bahamian breakfasts are so good, they're usually favorite menu items for lunch and dinner as well! We know the power of a hearty bowl of stew fish, chicken souse, pig feet souse or stew conch paired with a delicate slice of Johnny cake, or Johnny bread, so we headed to our favorite early morning breakfast spots to get a mouth full! Before we even made it on the road, the popularity of breakfast souses in The Bahamas was front and center when we ran into a group of emergency medical technicians (EMTs) who were preparing for a fun, run, walk and getting their day started with...you guessed it...CHICKEN SOUSE! 20160516_093245 20160516_093514 20160516_094416

Poincianna Inn

It literally zaps you back in time with its old Bahamian charm, design and...people. But these are the things that give this place so much character. And when the food is this good, we could see why people spend their days, nights and lives here! We indulged in the most delicious stew fish, just like our grandmothers used to make it. Thick, hearty, broth smothering perfectly seasoned and fried fish! We got Johnny bread and potato bread...for the win! If you're looking for some old school culture, tradition and good food this is your spot! 20160516_102342 20160516_104527 20160516_104703

Nassau Stadium 

This place has always been known for their amazing Bahamian breakfast dishes. But we had no idea that ribs souse even existed! So tender, so juicy! The slabs of ribs efficiently supped up the citrusy, lemony broth it sat in and no one missed the BBQ sauce! Before leaving we had to try the house favorite, stew fish! It was so good, so so good! We suggest calling ahead they take their time prepping each order! 20160516_111712 20160516_112727 20160516_112743 20160516_113003 20160516_114532

{{{VIDEO}}} A Mouth Full Does Breakfast  

So, what's for breakfast?! 

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