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About The Show | A MOUTH FULL: An Adventure In Taste

About The Show

We all have seen local TV programming here in the country and if we are honest with ourselves we will all come to the same 10887502_390007394507558_6588433898060646296_oconclusion. That conclusion is that all local TV has fallen into an endless loop of boring and non innovative shows that do not follow the track of what consumers can get by watching international networks.

A Mouth Full is the first of its kind here in local television. The show entertains and educates Bahamians and visitors alike about the variety and complexity of the food landscape here in these 700 islands. As we did in the  first season, the second season, will see our host visit local restaurants, take 10904012_390007251174239_638420305469590318_oaways, ‘holes in the wall’, and households to taste, try and create all the foods available here in the country and with that we ask you to join us on this adventure in taste.

New episodes (each 10 minutes) of a Mouth Full are released every two weeks on a Thursday online, the show airs Wednesdays at 9pm on CABLE 12 weekly. Each season of the show will be 8 episodes long and there will be two seasons a year.